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for Institutions

Network and synergise with corporations, rising talents and startups, and place your institution at the beating heart of the AI industry in Munich.

AI+MUNICH for Institutions

an Epicentre for AI

Find a broad range of research, technical and funding partners who can benefit from your institutional presence to develop new technology and new ways to develop systems of global significance.

Find Commercial Partners

Explore funding options and potential implementing partners for research and innovative training programs, through formal and informal discussions and collaboration.

Shape the Industry

Academic and public sector institutions are critical to developing industry standards, as part of strategic planning and investment for a brighter future.

Find Talented Individuals

Our network includes early-phase companies and individuals who are passionate, motivated and potentially available for engagement.

AI+MUNICH for Institutions

What's in it for Institutions?

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AI Ecosystem
  • Get access to the Munich AI ecosystem.

  • Expand your network, add value to it.

  • Meet up with decision makers in a collaborative environment.

AI Technology Hub
  • Get access to AI and entrepreneurship expertise.

  • Become part of Munich’s AI technology hub and learn about potential use cases through co-creation.

  • Turn research into startups.

  • Operate according to EU AI regulations.

Match Making
  • We scout the most promising AI startups and collaborate with top industry players.

  • Meet high potential startups and innovators.

  • Be part of interdisciplinary courses and events.

Drive Impact
  • Get access to co-creation partners to develop responsible and sustainable uses of AI.

  • Shape the role of AI through the support of the implementation of innovative business models.

Make Deals
  • Do business with entrepreneurs, industry leaders, innovators, and investors.

  • Let startups tackle your biggest challenges.


Here's How


  • Access the Deep Tech sector.

  • Get matched to find and develop solutions for your challenges.

  • We identify enthusiasts in our future interdisciplinary project courses and entrepreneurial Ph.D. tracks.


  • Co-create with startups utilizing your data for solutions specific to you.

  • Participate in the development of Micro-Credential Certificates relevant to you.

  • Get access to an online innovation community.


We enable and scout individuals and startups for you. We identify enthusiasts in our future interdisciplinary Project Courses and Entrepreneurial Phd Tracks for AI.


Get matched to find and develop solutions for your challenges. We facilitates the space in which corporations, institutions, talents and startups encounter each other, and figure out how they fit together.


Co-create with startups utilising your data for solutions specific to you. Get access to an Online Innovation Community and participate in the development of Micro-Credential Certificates relevant to you.

Institutions that are Represented

Here you have the chance to get your finger on the industry pulse. Modernise parts of your institution, and nurture cross-industry links by strategically engaging your staff across AI+MUNICH activities and working groups.


AI+MUNICH Upcoming Events

Together we thrive... share your ears and your ideas.

THE POOL - Hackathon
THE POOL - Hackathon
Ideation Hackathon powered by Digital Product School and AI+MUNICH starting on July 22nd, 2024 and ending on July 28th, 2024
Read more
Jul 22
9:00 am
Google Munich
By Invitation Only
AI+MUNICH Pitch Night
AI+MUNICH Pitch Night
Get to know the latest AI startups that have received funding from AI+MUNICH! Spend an evening with the Munich AI innovation ecosystem while enjoying good food and drinks!
Read more
Sep 20
4:00 pm
SCE Creative Hall, Heßstr. 89, 80797 Munich, Germany
By Invitation Only

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Tanja Knöller
Tanja Knöller
Munich Innovation Ecosystem GmbH
Ecosystem Manager AI+MUNICH

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