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For Corporates & Institutions

Organisational intelligence is shaping the future of high-tech Munich. Through events and cooperation, we create a culture of collaboration, that increases our capacity to work towards a future by design, rather than by accident.

Calling Corporates

Corporates can get access to our network and resources, hosting events that highlight innovation and invite others to collaborate. They can position themselves within Munich's high-tech ecosystem, to attract rising talent or develop partnerships with other established corporate and public sector organisations.

Network with a Broader Range of Partners.

When we listen to our peers or observe a conversation, we have space to reflect on what we can contribute for the good of all. Connect on mission with peers from other corporates, academic institutions and public sector organisations.

Tomorrows Game-Changer

Spot new talent, and help it flourish. Startups need guidance, finance and other support, and you have the opportunity to help them to access new markets.

Calling Institutions

Munich is a hotbed for technological innovation with top institutions such as the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Technical University of Munich, the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich and the University of Applied Sciences Munich.

Connect and Collaborate

Through our network, institutions encounter ideas and project potential through informal dialogue and structured events.

Inspire and Recruit

Present your ideas and projects to inspire others to engage with you, and to develop complementary aspects of our high-tech ecosystem.

Calling Public Sector Organisations

Our partners include government departments, and we continue to welcome more diverse areas of local, regional and national public sector organisations. This diversity supports the integration of public and private sector to deliver a holistic sustainable vision for Munich.

We are connecting the dots

Munich Innovation Ecosystem is an integrated approach to developing long-term stability and sustainable world-leading employment in Munich and Bavaria more broadly.

Governance and City Integration

Good governance is at the heart of a resilient and progressive economy. Diverse public sector input supports alignment with other aspects of city development.


Our Activities and Services

Strategic input drives and guides the development of Munichs tech ecosystem.

Ecosystem Marketing

Our ecosystem marketing activities include public relations for the ecosystem, printed materials, and a collaboration platform. We work closely with our diverse partners to coordinate and reflect our industry as a whole when we communicate to external stakeholders around the globe.

Ecosystem Enabler

We are building and expanding the network through group events and individual matchmaking. We are an initiator and formal supporter of ecosystem projects, including the submitting of winning applications, monitoring, and successful implementation.

Ecosystem Agenda Setter

We set and drive industry themes, releasing white papers about ecosystem developments. Our diverse partners help us to see trends in Munich and elsewhere, so we can set the agenda, supporting our network members to engage and benefit from our overarching industry insight.

Corporate Partner Network

We have a broad cross-section of corporations, academic institutions and public sector organisations represented at all levels of the MUNICH INNOVATION ECOSYSTEM.

This is essential to our ability to reach all corners of the industry, see trends, develop events and opportunities that add value for all of our stakeholders.

We also welcome representation by different departments or personnel from within any given organisation as they bring different perspectives, knowledge and contacts to our network, sometimes benefitting profoundly by encountering each other outside their home institution.


of population are foreign nationalities


Universities based in Munich


of startups collaborate with established companies (on average)


of startups cooperate with universities


Get on Board and Take Off.

Every collaboration makes our network, and Munich more exciting, and more attractive to draw in and inspire more talent.

Co-Creation at the Heart of Munich's Innovation Ecosystem.

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