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The Bavarian Response to the Silicon Valley: Munich

Written by
Nathalie von Seyfried
Published on
July 1, 2021

The German News Magazine „Focus“, mentioned Munich as the Bavarian response to the Silicon Valley. The Munich ecosystem has risen to an outstanding European ecosystem because of several factors. It provides a constant cycle of ideas, concepts, implementations, and venture capital which supports start-ups right from the beginning. Within the network all participants benefit from personal contacts and trust. Moreover, Munich’s outer factors ensure a remarkable stability of the Munich Innovation Ecosystem, like a political stable environment, rare criminality and many great options for leisure activities and nature experiences. Munich impresses with excellent universities, students all over the world, six DAX companies and many financially successful start-ups. It is all these factors combined, which bring the ecosystem to life.

With MUST – The Munich Innovation Ecosystem we unite all these success factors of Munich in one ecosystem through networking and the cross-sectoral exchange between all our partners. With our most recent moving to the newly opened Munich Urban Colab (MUC) we will to be able to contribute to our mission of bringing innovation and co-creation across our network partners in the best way possible. The MUC is a never seen location within Germany and functions as a role model for other collaborative innovation projects across Europe. It is set out to foster the development and implementation of ideas between students, academia, start-ups, established corporates and investors in one place through co-creation and collaboration. It provides seminar rooms, project spaces and areas for the MakerSpace for up to 600 individuals and will host several relevant ecosystem-events in the future.

We were delighted to read this article as it supports our vision of this unique and powerful ecosystem here in Munich and underlines the inspiring heads and contributors that contribute to the many opportunities that lay within working and living here. We’re happy to be part of MUST – The Munich Innovation Ecosystem!

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